what are the top 10 religions in the united states ?

Religions abound throughout America. Let's examine the top 10 US religions, their followers, and their beliefs.

Christianity accounts for 70% of American citizens. Protestantism, Catholicism, and Orthodox Christianity all follow Jesus Christ.


2% of Americans practice Judaism, the second largest religion. Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Judaism follow one God and the Torah.


1% of Americans are Muslim, making Islam the third largest religion. Sunni and Shia Muslims follow the teachings of Muhammad.


1% of Americans practice Buddhism, making it the fourth largest religion. Buddha taught meditation and self-awareness to achieve enlightenment.


1% of Americans practice Hinduism, making it the fifth largest religion. Hinduism practices yoga and meditation and believes in one God.


0.5% of Americans practice Sikhism, the sixth largest religion. Sikhism supports equality, social justice, and one God.


Bahá'ís make up 0.1% of the US's seventh largest religion. Bahá'ís believe in one God and the unity of all religions and humanity.

Bahá'í Faith 

0.3% of Americans are Unitarian Universalists, making it the ninth largest faith. Liberal Unitarian Universalism stresses spiritual progress and social justice.

Unitarian Universalism 

0.2% of Americans practice Native American religions. Native American faiths emphasize the interconnectedness of everything.

Native American Religions 

1% of Americans practice New Age, Scientology, or other religions.

Other Religions 

American religions are diverse. The top 10 US religions show this diversity and their adherents' beliefs and practices.