what are the top 10 largest cities in united states 

Which US cities are biggest? Let's see what makes the top 10 US cities by population special.

New York City is the largest American city with over 8 million residents. NYC is a center for culture, finance, and the arts.

New York City, NY 

The second-largest US metropolis, Los Angeles, with about 4 million residents. LA has beaches and various communities as well as Hollywood.

Los Angeles, CA 

Chicago is the third largest American metropolis with over 2.6 million residents. Chicago is a must-see for its architecture, deep-dish pizza, and music scene.

Chicago, IL

Houston is the fourth largest American city with over 2.3 million residents. Houston's oil, gas, healthcare, and education industries thrive alongside NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Houston, TX 

Phoenix is the fifth largest American city with roughly 1.6 million residents. Outdoor enthusiasts and retirees love Phoenix for its mild weather and beautiful desert vistas.

Phoenix, AZ 

Philadelphia is the sixth largest US city with 1.5 million residents. Philly is rich in history and culture as America's birthplace. It has great museums and restaurants.

Philadelphia, PA 

San Antonio is the seventh largest American city with over 1.5 million residents. San Antonio, home to the Alamo Mission and River Walk, is a military and healthcare powerhouse.

San Antonio, TX 

San Diego is the ninth largest American city with roughly 1.4 million residents. The San Diego Zoo, beautiful beaches, and temperate climate make this city a popular vacation site.

San Diego, CA 

Dallas is the ninth largest American city with roughly 1.3 million residents. Dallas is a corporate and transportation center with skyscrapers, museums, and sports teams.

Dallas, TX 

San Jose is the ninth largest US city with over 1 million residents. San Jose, the Silicon Valley city, has lovely parks and cultural attractions.

San Jose, CA