Lynda Carter: The Iconic Wonder Woman 

American actress, singer, and beauty pageant winner Lynda Carter was born July 24, 1951. The 1975–1979 Wonder Woman TV series made her famous.

Carter was born in Phoenix and raised in many locales. She travelled to Los Angeles to pursue music after singing in high school. She competed in the Miss World pageant as Miss World USA in 1972.

Carter started performing after her pageant win. She became famous after playing Wonder Woman in 1975. She appears in "Partners in Crime" and "Super Troopers."

Carter also sings. Her albums include "Portrait" and "At Last." She performed on Broadway and in concerts worldwide.

Carter is known for her LGBT rights and USO support philanthropy. She has garnered many honours for her charity work, including the Washington, D.C. Area Film Critics Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

Carter has two children from two marriages. She has been sober since the 1990s and outspoken about her alcoholism.

Carter's Wonder Woman character has made her a cultural legend. Her advocacy and altruism also affected society.