Lizzy Caplan: From Indie Darling to Hollywood Star 

American actress Lizzy Caplan, born June 30, 1982, is versatile and varied. Her indie and mainstream roles have garnered critical acclaim.

Los Angeles is Caplan's hometown. School plays led to her first TV role in 1999. She appeared in various TV shows and movies until "Mean Girls" in 2004 made her famous.

Caplan's early work in indie films garnered critical recognition. "Cloverfield," "Save the Date," and "Bachelorette" showed her ability to play multidimensional characters.

Caplan has made blockbuster hits as well as indie films. "Hot Tub Time Machine," "The Interview," and "Now You See Me 2" showed her acting range.

Caplan has previously starred in "True Blood," "Masters of Sex," and "Castle Rock." "Masters of Sex" won her multiple Emmy nods.

Caplan married actor Tom Riley and has one child. She also speaks out about her anxiety and despair.

Caplan has won many honours for her versatility and talent. She has two Critics' Choice Television Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Satellite Award nomination.